About Us


The Upper Clements Theme Park opened in 1989 and has been successfully operating for over 31 years.

First contemplated in the early 1980s, the Theme Park was intended to be a Community Economic Development project. It was developed and opened by the Province of Nova Scotia as a family oriented park that would be an anchor tourism attraction for western Nova Scotia and a major employer in the region.

In 1997, The Hanse Society, a community based not-for-profit organization, was formed to keep the park open. The Society not only managed the Upper Clements Theme Park but also the provincially owned Wildlife Park through a 10-year lease that ended with the closure of the Wildlife Park in 2009.

In 2007, the Province of Nova Scotia turned over the ownership of Upper Clements Theme Park to the Hanse Society. In 2012, the Province sold an additional 78.879 Hectares (194.9 acres) of land for future Park development. This transfer of land included the former wildlife park and the Upper Clements Provincial Park.

In 2011, the Hanse Society officially changed its name to Upper Clements Parks Society (UCPS). UCPS is a registered non-profit organization.

The Upper Clements Parks Society board is made up of tourism and business experts and also includes representation from Annapolis and Municipality of the District of Digby, as well as the Municipality of the District of Clare. These volunteers work diligently to ensure the success of this economic and tourism engine for Nova Scotia.


Mission statement

To provide a safe, affordable and sustainable entertainment destination while contributing to the economic well being of the region.